Derek + Kayla

It’s really not the fanfare or expense that make a wedding beautiful. It’s not the 5-course dinners or fancy chandeliers. It’s not the perfect make-up or stunning wedding party. It’s not the three pages of eloquent vows. It’s not the venue. It’s not the dress. It’s not even the photography.

Beauty is love unfolded and worn, like an old favorite sweater. Beauty is connection. It’s the art of two people whose arms are empty without the other. Beauty is love that is just honest.

Sometimes standing alone, under a mountain, with no one else to hear the secrets and whispers of two hearts, is the most beautiful thing ever.

Derek and Kayla came all the way to Alaska wearing their hearts on their sleeve. And now they are married.

More than once, camera heavy in hand, I thought that this is everything perfect: two friends, two hearts, choosing, declaring, holding on, never letting go. These two are the real deal.