caitlyn and josh

The wind pushed and pulled around me, a tug of war of pure white as I sat waiting in my car.  I was waiting for Caitlyn and Josh to arrive, my hot coffee beside me, hand and foot warmers heating up, nervous about the weather.  The wind-chill was fiercely cold, and the swirling snow heartbreakingly beautiful. This is Alaska, January 25, on the Turnagain Arm.

When they arrived, Caitlyn rolled down her window with wind and snow swirling in and out beside her- and she grinned.  “This is absolutely beautiful!  What a perfect winter day! We are so blessed!”

We laughed, and froze, and captured the beauty that was already there.  Two souls- ready to stand together and vow to a lifetime of shielding each other from the harsh wind that blows- promises spoken to love, and honor, and protect.

Caitlyn and Josh- we were honored to witness your quiet beginnings.