Daniel and Noelle

We loved this wedding and this gorgeous summer day- but mostly we loved the people.   We stood behind our lenses all day, teary and happy and so incredibly blessed that we get to witness such beauty in life.  We gathered on the lawn of Noelle’s parent’s home, cradled beneath those mountains that we all know and love while her dad officiated the ceremony.  It was sun-drenched and God- filled and we couldn’t think of anywhere else we would rather be than watching two people stand in front of each other and vow to love.
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hope and tyler

In the history of our weddings, we have NEVER photographed such a laid-back and plain fun wedding. Hope and Tyler are as down-to-earth as can be.  When they met with us before the wedding, they didn’t come with the typical lists of must-have shots. Their request was simple: everything candid for their backyard wedding. They wanted their photos to showcase a celebration. This wedding was about every person there, about family and friendship and most of all: about love. The sun shined, music beat through the forest, skirts swished on the dance floor, laughter was everywhere. And we got the pics.

Hope and Tyler, you are some of our coolest clients. We want to be like you. Thanks for being AMAZING and for inviting us to be part of such beauty. XOXO
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Johan and Wyndsor

It was the perfect summer day. Truly, nothing is more beautiful than standing on top of the world and watching two people give themselves to one another: the sun-streaked vows, the tears, the family gathered around. You couldn’t miss the beauty everywhere.

When Wyndsor first met us before the wedding, she told us that she and Johann were two independent people, that they were happy alone and didn’t need one another. But that they wanted one another. She told us that Johan is her biggest cheerleader, that their friendship is a deep well, that she couldn’t wait to pursue her dreams, and help him realize his – side by side, forever. We thought that was beautiful. Love is beautiful.

2017-09-23_00022017-09-23_00032017-09-23_00042017-09-23_00052017-09-23_00062017-09-23_00072017-09-23_00082017-09-23_00092017-09-23_00102017-09-23_00112017-09-23_0012Relic Photographer: Hanna // Planner: Alaska Destination Weddings // Venue: Alyeska Resort // Florals: Bloomsbury Blooms // Dress: Orainda’s Bridal

stacey and johnny

The first thing I noticed was the biggest smile permanently affixed to every face. When I pulled into the parking lot you could just feel the anticipation and excitement. This was the day. Erin at Alaska Destination Weddings introduced me to seriously one of the most beautiful brides, the nicest groom, twin sister, husband. The four had travelled all the way from Florida to Alaska craving a bit of adventure. They definitely got it. Between pledging their love to one another at the base of a mountain, surviving backwoods roads, nestling into waterfalls and getting semi-lost in the woods…it was a COMPLETE riot! By the time it was over everyone was exhausted and they announced they were heading to their wedding dinner AK style: pizza and cold beer at 10 PM. How do we luck out with the coolest clients ever? Stacey and Johnny: we wish you ALL the happiness that you can handle. Congratulations.
2017-09-17_00012017-09-17_00022017-09-17_00032017-09-17_00042017-09-17_00052017-09-17_00062017-09-17_00072017-09-17_00082017-09-17_00092017-09-17_00102017-09-17_00112017-09-17_00122017-09-17_0013Relic Photographer: Hanna / Planner: Alaska Destination Weddings / Flowers: Bloomsbury Blooms