Steve + Chantel

We have been sitting here an hour, looking at this screen, trying to find the right words, the ones that can possibly articulate this day: the beauty, the pain, the love, the loss, the hope.

Life is an expanse full of hills and valleys and rivers to forge. Sometimes you find yourself on a mountain peak, standing on top of the world, your heart pounding in the cage of your chest. Other times the nights are dark and long and you wonder if morning will ever come for you again.

Love is what gets us through it all. Blessed are those who love. 

This wedding was about love, in all its forms. This wedding was about a father twirling his little girl in the sunlight. It was a widows arm wrapped around an empty chair. This wedding was dreams and hopes and wildest imaginations materialized. It was about friendship, the ones who have been there on the mountains and valleys. It was a band of brothers. It was a son paying tribute to the one who went before him. It was an empty plane. It was a mother placing a veil on her child, who is suddenly a woman, who is the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. It was a well of supporters, a trumpeting crowd, the kind of family who will celebrate this love and who will defend it forever.

This wedding was about Steve + Chantel and the blessing of love. It was about the Maker of love and His generosity, about His promises spoken and realized.

We photographed this day in a constant state of wonder. You couldn’t have been there and not have been moved by the beauty of it all. And when it ended, after we packed our gear in our cars and wearily drove home, we fell on our knees and thanked God that we are also His daughters, we thanked Him for love.

These images are dedicated to Clark Jay Baldwin: Husband, Father, Pilot, Son of God.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, He who alone does great wonders, for his steadfast love endures forever. Psalm 136:4

Florals – Bloomsbury Blooms // Planning – La Boum Events // DJ – Corinthians // Dress – Bateau Bridal Boutique // Video – Nomad Cinematic

Derek + Kayla

It’s really not the fanfare or expense that make a wedding beautiful. It’s not the 5-course dinners or fancy chandeliers. It’s not the perfect make-up or stunning wedding party. It’s not the three pages of eloquent vows. It’s not the venue. It’s not the dress. It’s not even the photography.

Beauty is love unfolded and worn, like an old favorite sweater. Beauty is connection. It’s the art of two people whose arms are empty without the other. Beauty is love that is just honest.

Sometimes standing alone, under a mountain, with no one else to hear the secrets and whispers of two hearts, is the most beautiful thing ever.

Derek and Kayla came all the way to Alaska wearing their hearts on their sleeve. And now they are married.

More than once, camera heavy in hand, I thought that this is everything perfect: two friends, two hearts, choosing, declaring, holding on, never letting go. These two are the real deal.

john + cece

She is a wild ray of sunshine. She kicks her shoes off and runs barefoot on the beach. She throws her head back and laughs with her whole body. Her love is free spirited and life-giving. She can’t stop kissing him. Her smile has no end. This is the happiest day of her life.

He is an anchor. A strong fortress. Her protector. He breaks all the branches so her dress won’t snag. His arms open and close around her like a story that has been written and finally read. It is impossible to miss the deep well of love in his eyes. This is the happiest day of his life.

Cece + John belong together. Everyone knows it. And on a beach at low tide, under the summer beat of sun, they promise to love one another forever.

We are transfixed behind our cameras, soaking it all in: the look in his eyes when he kneels to wash her feet, her hand lifted in worship to the very author of love, to the One who fashioned and formed love in His hands. And its as if the ocean and the sky and the breeze even know it, they shout it out in wind and waves and rush of heat, that love endures forever, that the greatest of these is love.

Alaska Stems – Florals  //  Three Little Birds Home Bakery – Cake  //  Alaska Luxury Adventures – Second Star – Venue  //  Denali North Events – DJ  //  Anderson’s Bridal – Gown  //  Pinja Larme – Coordinator

caitlyn and josh

The wind pushed and pulled around me, a tug of war of pure white as I sat waiting in my car.  I was waiting for Caitlyn and Josh to arrive, my hot coffee beside me, hand and foot warmers heating up, nervous about the weather.  The wind-chill was fiercely cold, and the swirling snow heartbreakingly beautiful. This is Alaska, January 25, on the Turnagain Arm.

When they arrived, Caitlyn rolled down her window with wind and snow swirling in and out beside her- and she grinned.  “This is absolutely beautiful!  What a perfect winter day! We are so blessed!”

We laughed, and froze, and captured the beauty that was already there.  Two souls- ready to stand together and vow to a lifetime of shielding each other from the harsh wind that blows- promises spoken to love, and honor, and protect.

Caitlyn and Josh- we were honored to witness your quiet beginnings.