We are: Artists. Alaskans. Free Spirits. World Travelers. Coffee addicts. Life lovers. Story tellers. Camera junkies. Adventurers. And of course, we are Relic Photographic.

And we are so stinkin' happy that you have found our page. 

We believe marriage is meant to be the grandest ADVENTURE.

Maybe that is part of the reason we love photographing love. There is something beautiful, sacred and untouchable, something that stirs up our souls when we watch two people stand before God and promise to be faithful, to champion and to love one another.

We love the vows standing up, at attention, in the eyes of a man who loves. We love the trembling lips of a father when he first witnesses his little girl in all her glory. We love the small glances, the wind pulling through hair, the whispers, the visual language that is never spoken but clearly heard. There is so much beauty. 

Your love is a story. We are the storytellers. 


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